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Please could you identify this shrub for me? I bought it a few years ago at a carboot sale and was told it was a fuchsia.

Shrub_by_garage_017 Shrub_by_garage_018



It is a Fuchsia ...
probably Fuchsia microphylla or a close relative :o)
It's a species that originates from Mexico.
It is quite hardy in a sheltered spot :)

29 Dec, 2015


What a coincidence! I got one given one for Christmas from my mother-in-law! Haven't decided where to put it yet, as the intended spot is not sheltered.

30 Dec, 2015


Yes it is F microphylla, I had one for about 4 yrs but the horrendous winter of 2010 saw it off.

30 Dec, 2015


I think you'll find it is a variety named "Lottie Hobby."
I have several in my borders and they are as tough as old boots!
Still flowering and survive every bad winter that we've had.
Roots very well from hardwood cuttings, too.

30 Dec, 2015


Thank you for these very helpful replies. I had begun to think it couldn't be a fuchsia. The minute pink bells and the glossy black berries are a real picture in autumn and winter until the frosts come. It is the second one I have had and I haven't seen it anywhere else. They were both from carboots but the first did succumb to a bad winter a few years ago. This one has been in about 4 years and the spot is north facing but it seems to do well there. Mind you, I live in the south. I think I will give it a good mulch in case of an icy spell as I would hate to lose it. Thanks for the tip about cuttings Lyyz-- I will try some.

30 Dec, 2015

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