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Are all the acanthus species for instance "african eminens" garden thugs? meaning you cannot get rid of them easily




Yes, but nice thugs!

30 Dec, 2015


I don't know that it will be a thug in the UK - as far as I know, its a tropical acanthus, and, as such, may not even survive outdoors here.

31 Dec, 2015


"Bears Breaches" or Acanthus grow well wioth us in Scotland and can soon form sizable clumps wich take a bit of effort to eliminate. I see taht they are Mediteranean plants (Wiki), Bamboo, but that doesn't seem to deterer them. I don't know the species name in our own garden.

31 Dec, 2015


The acanthus variety asked about in the question is one that grows in tropical parts of Africa, Bulbaholic - there is a list of about 8 or 9 Acanthus varieties that will grow well here, including A. mollis and A. spinosa (the commonest), but actually, there are other varieties which grow well in tropical and sub tropical regions; the genus Acanthus occurs in most regions, often looking quite different from what we grow here. I'd love to be able to grow the one pictured, but I doubt it'd work here...

1 Jan, 2016



1 Jan, 2016


Yea, that's according to Cotswold, plant suppliers, contained in their listing with the plant for sale, but the information is incomplete, there's an unfinished sentence in the description which seems to be implying that if you want flowers, it needs higher temperatures, so not too sure I trust it. It suggests, though the plant may survive in mild winters in mild regions, or in a greenhouse, it may not actually flower. I can't find it actually listed anywhere with the RHS and have been unsuccessful in finding a temperature range for it anywhere else.

2 Jan, 2016


I live in surrey so its a possibility?...... if i give it a go i will container it anyway so i can overwinter it

2 Jan, 2016


Be good to know if it actually flowers or not!

3 Jan, 2016

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