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Please help. I would dearly like to keep my late Dads grapevine which is over 25 years old. I want to move it to my garden. The roots must have grown under the greenhouse into the garden to get water as it was heavy with fruit this year and no one was watering it. Where would I cut the roots and would I cut the vine right back? Thanks, Lynn



Sounds pretty impossible but someone may be able to help. In the meantime put Propagating Grape Vines into google - You should be able to start a young plant from the parent.

1 Jan, 2016


As the vine means a lot to you - not surprisingly - I would do as steragram suggests, and propogate. You won't be able to move it.

1 Jan, 2016


I agree, you won't be able to move it - some info in the link below about propagation methods, but bear in mind that many grapevines are grafted onto other rootstocks to maintain vigour, and if you grow a vine from cuttings, it will be growing on its own roots, so may not give the same results.

1 Jan, 2016


If you are considering moving the whole house down the block so to speak that cannot be done and do as the others have suggested. You will have to wait about 25 years to see the same vine that you are looking at now but small or large it is the full grown sentiment and the remembrances it contains that you wish to take with you.

1 Jan, 2016


Thanks everyone - you've been very kind and helpful.
Regards, Lynn

2 Jan, 2016

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