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By Crumpet

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Why did one hyacinth bulb out of about 30 planted in pots, send it's roots up and out across the surface of the compost ?



You planted the bulb upside down in a pot that was too small. There wasn't enough room in the pot for the roots to effect their geotropism. Whew!! Now to answer that, I have either recovered from my New Years hangover or I am still under the influence:)

2 Jan, 2016


Crumpet, the drainage in that pot might be compromised, and the roots are avoiding the saturated compost in the bottom.
Loosestrife, "geotropism" isn't a word that I would use while under a hangover! :)

2 Jan, 2016


thanks , both, but I am puzzled that the other 2 bulbs in that pot are growing normally - now about 2 - 3 inches high. The weird one has just a healthy looking tip showing.
The pot is ceramic ,about 10 inches deep and has grown normal hyacinths in previous years....

Just looked up Geotropism which
might well be the answer as they are in a mix of new bulb compost and last years unused rose compost so maybe I left some uncrumbled solid chunks which have remained dry.

2 Jan, 2016



2 Jan, 2016


Well done L'strife, as long as you don't still have a headache its probably a good feeling, lol......

2 Jan, 2016

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