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By Marysia

Leicestershire , United Kingdom Gb


I was given a miniature lemon tree as a present, is there anything I should do to it apart from water it to keep alive and fruiting if you could please let me know thank you



8 hours of sun per day would make it very happy. Indoors you may need to substitute with grow lights. It likes well draining, slightly acidic soil. It can't take cold temperatures, that means less then 55F. Think Florida.

3 Jan, 2016


First above all keep it in by the sunniest window that you have and in late spring keep it outside for even more sun. Pruning, fertilization, repotting and checking for pests can be done along the way but if you do not keep a fruiting plant like this in plenty of sun the rest of the chores won't make much of a difference. Ya beat me to it Bath:)

3 Jan, 2016


only by a key stroke! :)

3 Jan, 2016



3 Jan, 2016


It will be happy outside in summer, but during the cold months it will need to be kept indoors in a cool but bright spot.

4 Jan, 2016

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