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Should my Mimosa be flowering? It flowered in the spring last year?

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Because of the very mild weather... your Mimosa thinks it is spring!

7 Jan, 2016


It might be in for a shock next week - the weatherman last night was talking about what looks like much colder weather for most of us then (I know Scotland's had some already this winter, MG) but we'll see... my Hypericum inodorum is currently flowering and putting out new leaves and forming berries still, that'll get a shock too....

7 Jan, 2016


We've seen very little frost on the Moray Coast and only one or two snow showers. Cairngorm still hasn't got enough snow for folk to ski - mind you it is far to windy to even run the funicular right now. Today has been solidly wet and very dark, I'll believe these scaremongering forecasts when they happen and not before!

7 Jan, 2016


Yep, agree - this was the BBC weatherman last night, and he wasn't committing himself, saying 'it looked' as if something colder was coming, more info at the end of the week. I'll believe it when I wake up and think blimey, its cold in here...

7 Jan, 2016


I saw it too Bamboo and this afternoon the winds bitter...brrrr

7 Jan, 2016


Hmm, funny enough, just been listening to something on Radio 4 - the weathermen talking about El Nino winters. And in an El Nino winter (which this is), we can expect lots of wet, which we've had. The effect is peaking now, but the weather may never get that cold this year... depends how strong the El Nino is in terms of being able to push the jetstream out of position, which its been doing for the last 3 months. But its definitely cooler in the last couple of days than it was before and over Christmas, I'm noticing it myself - but then we've not had a chance to acclimatise yet.

7 Jan, 2016


Ha! Ha! Even my weather station is getting confused, it was showing a night time Temp of 33c on Saturday? Then this morning 'Monday' 44c LOL ? But it does say the right Temp sometimes LOL. Think I may need a new Weather Station LOL

11 Jan, 2016


Check the batteries - they sometimes behave oddly when they need replacing, Ladyessex... but if its not those, then yes, you need a new weatherstation!

12 Jan, 2016


The batteries are fairly new, it seems to be ok now LOL.

It's got quite cold here now & my Mimosa is standing up to the frosts we have had, so surprised as thought it would of given up :o))

16 Jan, 2016

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