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I was given a passion flower plant last spring and it has thrived. How do I look after it in winter?, also how do I look after a gooseberry bush?, it didn't fruit last year.

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Can't help with the first. If the gooseberry was a new plant it would be establishing itself last year and too busy to fruit much if at all.

In late February (depending on the weather) shorten the main branches a little and shorten all the side shoots to 4-6 buds. If there are any branches crossing each other remove them as you need space for air to circulate. Then give the bush a feed of sulphate of potash.
If you are reasonably near the sea a mulch of seaweed wouldn't do any harm at all but remember to wash the salt out before applying. Be wary of using much nitrogen fertilizer unless it looks starved or you will get green growth at the cost of fruit.

7 Jan, 2016


Is it Passiflora caerulea, the normal hardy one? If so, I just cut back a bit and leave it to get on with it. You can cut back to a about a foot in Autumn, I did this with a few seeds grown as another passion flower which then flowered as caerulea. They're doing ok, in fact here in the south, they still have leaves. Not sure in your neck of the woods though.

8 Jan, 2016


Just ignore it as this stage unless its getting out of hand (the passionflower I mean). If the weather gets cold, it may be caught by frost, and in a bad winter, may even be killed down to the ground, but they usually grow again as spring begins.

9 Jan, 2016

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