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just received my RSBP pack today, never done it before, there are so many different birds here than ive ever seen before where we lived.We have a very large pond so maybe that helps a the birds come for a drink. So while watching for birds I can decide what to do with the garden when weather gets better.



We got ours too yesterday!! Will be great to see some pictures of your garden!!

13 Jan, 2016


Bulba and I fill in on line... makes life easier

13 Jan, 2016


I tend to do it on line too :o)

13 Jan, 2016


Dianebulley shame on you Red Kites are an important part of our biodiversity and as they eat carrion they will not be hunting small birds. They do eat live earthworms and rodents but their primary food is carrion. The RSPB site near here feeds them on carrion every day and that is how the bloody farmers and gamekeepers kill them - poisoned bait! Are you sure it isn't a Sparrow Hawk you are seeing, Red Kites don't usually frequent town areas and Sparrow Hawks do take small birds, that is part of nature.

14 Jan, 2016


I'm sorry to say that although I feed my garden birds and enjoy seeing them on my regular visits to the local countryside, I'm no friend of the RSPB. They promote the humble hedgehog on their literature but it was not long ago that their sister organisation the Scottish RSPB was involved in the cull of 700 hedgehogs on the Hebrides. They support the protection of the cormorant which is devastating freshwater fish stocks, so much that there is a roach breeding project on the Hampshire Avon to replace the damage that the cormorants have done. As you can guess, I am an angler.

15 Jan, 2016


Catching fish for fun by hooking them through the lip is every bit as bad as killing birds. Anyone who has kept fish in an aquarium will know how they use their lower lips to select food so how can it be insensitive?

People have done a lot more damage to fish stocks in general than birds have. They have many other alternative foods which cormorants and other sea birds don't. Do you worry about the damage people have done to the "stocks" of fish in the North Sea?

I don't want to start a long discussion here but it is something I do feel very strongly about. And I know the argument about it being anglers who look after the rivers...

15 Jan, 2016


i agree that we all need to look at issues from another perspective, but I will always be biased towards the environment and wildlife.

15 Jan, 2016


Me too!

15 Jan, 2016

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