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h0w do I get rid of lemon queen Helianthus from my garden. its taking over the whole yard.



You have a self seeding and rhizome problem it seems. This is a plant that will infiltrate, subjugate and then dominate the garden (sounds like another problem occurring in the world but not in the garden). I have no solution to your widespread dilemma other than hoping that a few voles take up residence in your garden to eat some of this usurper away. Perhaps other members will have more effective ideas other than mine.

18 Jan, 2016


Dig it out - I've got this growing in a client's garden, and every year, in spring, I'm there digging up around the clump, because in one year, it will have spread below ground up to a foot all round. And I dig it all up, leaving just a small clump each time, otherwise, you're right, it just keeps spreading everywhere. When I first took their garden on, it filled an area nearly 10 feet long by 5 feet deep, and was even coming up in the lawn. If you don't want any of it, then its a fork and spade and persistence...

18 Jan, 2016


We got this too. The roots spread widely. Dig, dig and dig again.

18 Jan, 2016


St John's Wort (Hypericum) does this too. I never did get on top of it in my last garden even though I thought I'd dug every bit out. Very pretty when in flower but a real thug of the worst kind.

19 Jan, 2016


or if you want to get rid of it totally then a systemic weedkiller that will kill the roots [glyphosate type] is needed. a couple of applications may be needed though.

20 Jan, 2016

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