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By Chega

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It's been asked before probably but my Red Cordylines in pots they are approx 3foot high took a battering with the snow damaging foliage spikes leaving upright healthy ones reduced should I cut these off or leave now cut off later or not cut off at all.?Not to clear of course I mean the damaged drpped spikes




Remove the damaged leaves and tie up the good ones to prevent further wind damage. If possible, move the plant to a frost free location and/or wrap with a fleece.

20 Jan, 2016


and on mild dry days remove the fleece to let air circulate to keep them healthy.

21 Jan, 2016


Thanks for your replies,not possible to move them.They were bought ,think I bought four about less than foot high several years ago,they have been repotted to bigger pots just a layer of multi purpose compost top dressed every spring,survived several winters frosted,I think the weight of snow broke the spikes,I will try fleece on very cold weather.All the undamaged spikes are very upright . Thanks

21 Jan, 2016


As Seaburngirl says, best to fleece them when the weather is bad and remove on better days. The red varieties tend to be tender and really need to be grown in a sheltered spot. Whilst the green ones are hardier, you will eventually have to consider transferring to the ground as these will become larger trees in time.

21 Jan, 2016


Thanks Jimmytheone for that,that is something I was thinking I don't want to keep in pots as they are getting so big .Planting in the ground any tips on how to prepare the soil area.Interestingly the one most sheltered looks pretty well out of all of them

22 Jan, 2016

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