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I long ago gave up feeding rats and mice and start my beans off in the greenhouse but last year I also tried an idea that came to me and had 100% germination. I cut the tops and bottoms off Tetra Paks at full length - milk and fruit juice cartons - washed them folded them flat and stored them. I dug holes and planted these in the ground. I then dropped 2 seed in each and moved them to opposite corners covered them with soil and tamped it down. They provide good protection for young plants and are easy to water. If you have too much above ground cut some off when the plants start growing. When time to remove cut off with scissors - on my sticky land the plants come out with the Tetra Pak if pulled. You could be devious and put bait in the in the Paks but to me that is luring them towards the seed. I have since been told something similar is available from garden centres. Anyone else tried either of these?



Brilliant idea!

21 Jan, 2016


Thanks, I'm going to try that :)

I try not to use slug pellets but when I do, I put them under a stone away from the plants they eat. Like you, I think they attract the slugs and so they eat the plants you want to protect, before they die.

21 Jan, 2016

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