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What tipe of soil is best for goldcrest tree



Ingred, is your tree a Cupressus macrocarpa Goldcrest?

Is the tree in the ground or in a pot?

If in a pot, check out my blog "plants in pots (outside)".

23 Jan, 2016


A 'Goldcrest' Cypress, Ingrid? If so, it likes a well drained, average to slightly sandy garden soil. The soil doesn't need to be particularly rich, but it may be slightly stunted in particularly poor soil. Its wild ancestors are happy on stoney sea-cliffs, but like many variegated mutations, 'Goldcrest' is a little more sensitive. Note that it may suffer in the summer in some of the hotter parts of South Africa--it is hard to grow here in the low desert of Arizona, though it does well enough above 800 m elevation.

23 Jan, 2016

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