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Can you help please?. I was given some michelmuss daisys from a friend. She told me to cut them back to about 18 ins when finished flowering, which I did, but looking at them now they look dead, there's no green on them at all is this ok? .



Probably - they're an herbaceous perennial and, as such, die back to the ground in winter, re-emerging in spring.

26 Jan, 2016


like bamboo I too think this is normal. did you plant them in the ground or in pots?
either way they lose their leaves and you are left with bare dry stems. come the spring you will get new growth from the soil level.

26 Jan, 2016


They will be fine Nellie, mine look as dead as a Dodo at first glance and really scruffy, its much too wet to get anywhere near them with the pruners but the new shoots are already shooting through amongst the twigs.......

26 Jan, 2016

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