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How do I keep this rosebush alive?? Somebody gifted me this rosebush. Rose bushes really don't make good houseplants; they need fresh air and full sun. I'm showing it here outside so you can see what my dilemma is. How do I keep it alive until I can plant in the ground? How/when is the best time to plant it? Is its circadian rhythm messed up not being in dormancy? All of its mates are asleep under the snow. SSHH!




well that is a dilemma.
have you a cool but well lit outhouse/shed that you can put it into? If you have had it indoors all this time then you will have to put it out in the shed during the day and bring it in on a night into a cooler place. then after a couple of weeks it can go out in the shed permanently [if you have a shed that is] reduce the watering as well.

once it goes outside I'd be tempted to pot the plant in its pot into a much larger pot filled with compost to give the roots some frost protection.

come the spring prune it as you would the others and it will soon respond as normal. plant out when the snow goes/ground stops freezing etc.

its a very pretty one.

26 Jan, 2016


Thank you. So I should gradually acclimate it to the outdoors even now? That makes sense.

26 Jan, 2016


Mines in a cold conservatory with the cyclamen, seems happy enough
Fascinating Bathgate
You say acclimate, we say acclimatise ?

26 Jan, 2016


Your version has flair & style

26 Jan, 2016


About two feet of newly fallen snow that your rosebush is sitting upon makes a beautiful backdrop Bathgate. Do you know what type of rosebush it is? Is it a minature one?

26 Jan, 2016


Yes, it's a miniature rose bush. that's all I know about it.

27 Jan, 2016


Sorry I can't help you here. I gave up on rosebushes a while ago, I always had a bad whitefly problem with them and then one jyear the Japanese Beetle gobbled them all up.

27 Jan, 2016


I tnink the rosebushes sold at this time of year are produced as houseplants and by micropropagation
I ended up with 3 last year, after flowering I cut them back and repotted , gave a high potash feed then kept frost free until they could go out at the end of may, they flowered again and are now in the gh again, one in particular has grown bigger leaves
I'll givethem a light trim and feed probably march time thenback on the shelf in the garden ......assuming they survive that is!

27 Jan, 2016


I would like to make this a permanent outdoor plant and use it in the front border. Thanks for your information. I think it's very healthy for them to have a period of dormancy. The snow is great at getting rid of white fly and all kinds of other problems. They emerge in Spring as new & stronger plants.

27 Jan, 2016


I had the same problem having won a miniature potted rose in a raffle. I kept it inside for a short while but it didn't like it so I just stood it outside in its pot. It seems to be quite happy so come the Spring I shall plant it in a bed. It will be the second one I've treated that way so I think they can adapt.

27 Jan, 2016


Thank you. Did you keep it outside all night? I have it outside right now on my patio. The weather turned mild and sunny again. Night temps dip down below freezing.

Once the snow melts down & if the ground isn't frozen solid, I'm going to plant it in the bed.

27 Jan, 2016


I'm somewhat baffled how your rose is flowering prolifically at this time of year as flowering is determined more by light availability rather than external temperature. Having said that I have a patio rose (grown outdoors) which has produced flower buds over the past few weeks as well as retaining all its leaves, whereas all my Hybrid Teas are totally dormant although they have also retained most of their leaves this season, despite a recent spell of cold weather.

Even though it's hardy, I would be disinclined to leave your rose outside in the cold as it could be shocked by the sudden change in temperature. If you are going to leave it outside now I'd cut of all the flower stems and remove at least half the leaves. In early March prune the bush as normal.

27 Jan, 2016


I think if it's been outdoors for a few days now, Bathgate, you could leave it out all night if you have a sheltered spot though not if the temperatures are sub zero. That might be a step too far. However, roses are hardy.....

27 Jan, 2016


yes start acclimatising it now. protect from any strong winds too. I'd not leave it over night for at least a week or 2 personally.

very windy here today.

27 Jan, 2016


Thanks everybody.

Bendipa: I only received this rose 2 days ago as a gift. It came from a florist shop. Before that, it was raised in a greenhouse. I don't think this rose has ever been outside before. I would like to transition it to the garden permanently though.

Thanks Arbuthnot: I'll bring it into my sunroom at night for a few more days, then leave outdoors with bucket placed over it for the overnight. You are right, they are hardy plants and all my other roses are extremely robust - the ones that are dormant under the snow.

Is that my storm you have going on there Seaburngirl? I thought it died out. I hope it's only wind you get.

27 Jan, 2016


Bendipa the rose will have been grown under the light conditions needs to have it flowering for Christmas. Think of all the ones sent over from Holland to the UK and sold at Christmas time.

27 Jan, 2016


Hi, although the vast majority of rose species are fully hardy, there are some that are only frost hardy, but as you don't know which species you have, without a label, I would do as Sbg advises, and acclimatise it gradually to outdoor conditions, the chances are that it will be a hardy species, but as it's been forced, I wouldn't risk planting it outside before late spring at the earliest. Derek.

27 Jan, 2016


Good Advice Derek. Thank you. The weather has turned mild again and I leave outside in sun a little longer each day.

28 Jan, 2016


Try a spoonful of Epsom Salts on the outer root ring and grow some chives to ward off any insects, works fine for lots of people.


8 Feb, 2016



11 Feb, 2016

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