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Has anyone any experience , please, of growing Carex Brunea Jenneke in wet conditions. I saw this grass/sedge in a local garden centre and I asked an assistant if it was reliable in damp soil and he said that he didn't think it was(but, I wonder if he was mixing it up as most of the plants weren't labelled but I noticed one towards the back that had this name on a label) I have now seen them, again but this time in my local nursery.The label gives no real details of growing conditions but my online search suggests it is considered a marginal/bog plant and doesn't like to dry out (that will not be a problem in my garden,well, not in the bed I need it for.)
Just wondered if anyone had grown it successfully in wet conditions!

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Hi Paul. I haven't actually grown this, but as far as I know, the vast majority of sedges like either wet or damp conditions, but some like more shade than others, but I would think you would be ok if you just plant in semi shade with reliably moist soil, there are 5 cultivation groups for sedges but I don't know which 1 this falls into,{ I have no interest in any grasses, it's bad enough having a lawn} Derek.

27 Jan, 2016


Thanks Derek,
Ha ha....yes, that is the common perception of the Carex sedges but I can tell you from bitter experience that Flagilefera, comans bronze and frosted curls really don't like the damp....I have lost a few of all of these within the first year of them being planted in this garden.

27 Jan, 2016


I haven't any experience of this particular one, but Carex in general do well in damp soils, although some are fine in drier conditions. What they don't like is switching between very wet and then dry or dryish, they like fairly steady conditions, so if your wet area dries out at various times, that might be why you've lost your previous Carex varieties.

28 Jan, 2016


In the area which is of most concern , it stays wet most of the time as it obviously must be on a downward slope from next door. Further up the border dries in the mid summer but not down by the house. I have lost various grasses and Carex sedges this winter in the wettest part.

28 Jan, 2016


You might want to try some Juncus. They come in all sizes and seem to like wet conditions.

29 Jan, 2016


Thanks,Whylie....I must admit I've always been a bit cautious of the rushes as most of them seem to spread/seed so much but, I may have to give in for the really wet parts.

29 Jan, 2016

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