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Pieris japonica Passion and Katsura

i have space for a new shrub and quite like the new variety to me "Passion" & "Katsura" any one else growing in the UK does it stand up to the weather , or any other good varieties that may be suitable , the spot I have is sunshine in the morning till 12.00 ish and a sheltered spot and well drained, neutral soil

thanks in advance



As far as my experience goes Passion Flower is quite a tough shrub so should be fine where you plan to plant.

31 Jan, 2016


GG is asking about Pieris Japonica varieties...both are hardy so it really depends on which you prefer

31 Jan, 2016


I've grown Katsura in a client's garden, lovely plant, fantastic colour. It's growing in a border which only gets a couple of hours morning sun, but shade the rest of the time. However, as Katsura is one of the japonica varieties of Pieris, they do usually prefer a bit more sun than that, but the one I planted is doing just fine anyway - your situation sounds a little more sunny. Very slow growing, and should only be up to 6 feet after ten years. Been there through three winters, but I'm in the south, seems fully hardy and is said to be.

Passion is much more upright in its growth habit, but that's all I know about that one.

31 Jan, 2016


Sorry, had an off day!

1 Feb, 2016


Thanks all, inc Arbuthnot

all useful, Katsura looks interesting .... and only wanting the one makes me look into them more to see which is the best with what it gives ...


1 Feb, 2016


I liked the unusual wine red colour of the new growth, makes a change from the usual bright red, and the flowers look striking against it.

1 Feb, 2016


Just been having a nose of all the different varieties

'Scarlett O Hara" is very similar to Katsura

1 Feb, 2016

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