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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

Please can anyone give me some advice about growing beetroots in a tub or in the ground.
Every year I try to grow them in both situations but never have any success.
Thank you.



From what I know, they need open, well drained soil, like most root crops, ample water, and moderate, regular feedings, a bit heavy in potash and nitrogen, on the low side on phosphate. You might want to plant them to mature in fall, since heat makes them go to seed fairly readily. Here, we contend with aphids, leafhoppers, occasional whiteflies, and occasional powdery mildew, for pests and problems. The UK may have a different selection of troublemakers, though.

1 Feb, 2016


I would be inclined to grow them in the ground. They don't look out of place among the low growing borders between the summer bedding. Don't be too keen to plant them out too early as they require a bit of warmth to germinate. You could also sow perhaps a couple of seeds per station and pull the weakest out when they germinate; so your sure to have at least one good plant. Also don't let them run short of water as they will quickly run to seed.

1 Feb, 2016


Beets are a cold crop. You can plant when the ground is workable (not frozen). They can tolerate a light frost. They will not do well in hot weather. They also need rich, loose, well draining soil. Add some sand if necessary to loosen it up.

1 Feb, 2016


Thank you all for your help. I shall take your advice and hope for a better crop (or any crop at all) this year :o)

1 Feb, 2016


Hello I grew beetroot for the first time last year in a pot. Which was near the house it got the morning and early afternoon sun . I just sowed them in good compost and made sure that they were watered well . Also thinned then out so that they had plenty of room to grow . Had great beetroot sow them about march to july time and pulled them up when about a golf / tennis ball . And don't forget you can eat the leaves to go well in salads .

2 Feb, 2016


Thank you - that was very helpful :)

3 Feb, 2016

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