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Hi i am considering doing the rhs level 2 and 3 course with the HCC. I work part time and have a 3 year old so a correspondence course suits my needs. I was just wondering if anyone is currently doing this course and how much time you study each week and if you are finding it useful and how helpful are the HCC?. I have read a previous thread on this but it seems to relate to 2009 replies. Thanks,



Hi, I'm sorry I can't help you with this, I did all my studying about 50 years ago, but if you've seen comments that relate to 2009, I wouldn't expect things to have changed very much in the meantime, if you feel you can do this, then go for it, you have nothing to lose, and if you find you don't have the time for the study, you can pull out, and maybe try it again at a later date, only you can decide, if you decide to go for it, my best wishes for your success, Derek.

2 Feb, 2016


Thanks for your reply Derek. Can't quite decide whether to go for it of not yet. Thanks again . Lindsay

4 Feb, 2016

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