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Not sure whether to continue on this thread on the prev rhode question but I have a young rhododendron called Red jack. It was planted in a shady moist area at the side of the house last September but the area became a wind tunnel over the past few months with all the storms crossing the north of England. The poor plant looks very sorry for itself. There is 1 flower bud but the leaf buds that were partially open are now brown and shrivelled. Shall I trim off the dead tissue basically 'pinching out'? , put a small cloche over it for the remainder of the winter ? Or transplant it to a more sheltered spot?



I wouldn't pinch anything out but move it to a more sheltered spot, even if it is sunnier, as soon as the weather improves.

2 Feb, 2016


If it's planted in the ground, I would build a temporary windbreak upwind of it with strong stakes and burlap, and consider moving it this fall.

3 Feb, 2016

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