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Hi all! I just bought this plant at Home Depot. Well the idiots did not have a tag with the name. Anybody know what it is? I just love the purple flowers!

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I've had this before. one of its common names is lipstick plant. botanical name eludes me. i'll go away and ponder.

3 Feb, 2016


Aeschynanthus radicans

3 Feb, 2016


that's the flower, thanks owdboggy

3 Feb, 2016


The purple parts are the sepals, and those tiny buds in the centers will eventually expand into bright red, tubular flowers. The buds "extrude" from the sepals, like lipstick from the tube, hence the common name. The plant likes bright, indirect light, temps from 65º F to 80º, a little humidity, and the same food as its relative, African Violet.
By the way, I wouldn't blame the folks at Home Depot, even though I find the lack of accurate labels very annoying. It is usually the fault of the growers, who rarely provide labels with their plants, these days. I suppose that it saves them money--at the expense of sales!

3 Feb, 2016

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