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My vegetable patch was very poor last year and has a creeping fibrous membrane below the surface-Photo enclosed-how do I get rid of this




Well they're roots from something - are there trees nearby, or very large shrubs?

4 Feb, 2016


How deep is this? I'd imagine the only thing you can do is to deep dig the whole area (a bit at a time if its too big to do all at once) and remove the offending stuff as you come to it.

4 Feb, 2016


they look like tree roots to me. as already asked are there large trees nearby?

5 Feb, 2016


Thanks for replies
They look like roots but it is a reasonable distance to trees
They lie about 3-6 inches below the surface.
Maybe attempting to dig them out is the only option.

6 Feb, 2016


Its amazing how far tree roots can spread sometimes

6 Feb, 2016


Yea, what's 'a reasonable distance' exactly? If the trees are large ones, and the distance is within 60 feet, it'll be them...

7 Feb, 2016

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