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Neglected buddlea


By Mabrad

United Kingdom Gb

I have a buddlea at my new house which is 10ft tall and very long thin branches. When and how much should I cut it back?



Now is a good time, I would cut it back really hard right to the ground. Don't worry, it will come back nice and bushy.

5 Feb, 2016


I'd advise the same as above or cut it down to a little smaller than the size that you would like it to be, I cut mine into one stem and it's now a small tree shape where all of the side branches come off of one main stem

5 Feb, 2016


Blimey, ask a bunch of gardeners the same question and you'll get several different answers;-))

Assuming its Buddleia davidii, the usual procedure is to wait till March, then cut it down to within two inches of old wood on a yearly basis, and maybe removing some of the longer branches in autumn to prevent windrock over winter. However, given yours is such a size and may never have had this treatment, I'd cut it back to between 2 and 3 feet - whether you wait till March or not is up to you, because obviously, we haven't really had a winter so far, and there's only 3 weeks of February left anyway. Usually, by mid March, you can see new growth lower down the stems, which gives a good idea about how far to cut back, but that is likely already present, given the mild temperatures this year.

5 Feb, 2016


Works for B. x weyeriana, too. Strictly spring blooming species, such as B. alternifolia and B. globosa, should get similar treatment, RIGHT AFTER they bloom.

5 Feb, 2016


I 'd go to the 2 - 3ft height personally and then if you have lots more growth lower down then prune again next year lower down.

5 Feb, 2016


Me too.

5 Feb, 2016


Monty Don was saying about Buddliea,prune some in April to produce flowers later in the year this helps to feed Butterflies for a longer period.I am going to do this, this year, i always prune to about 2or3 inches from ground seems to work.

6 Feb, 2016

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