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What kind of bush is this?

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The flowers look rather like Japanese Quince. It's unpronounceable Latin name is Chaenomeles. I'm sure others, more knowledgeable than I am, will confirm or not though.

6 Feb, 2016


Yes, definitely Chaenomeles! Gorgeous blossom.

6 Feb, 2016


Yep, Chaenomeles japonica - its not that difficult to say, once you know how Arbuthnot, and if you don't look at the word! - its can-om-alees phonically.

6 Feb, 2016


Oooh Bamboo - I've always said Chy-nom-alees, so I've learnt something! Who knows, when you only see the words written down . . . and members of my gardening group STILL can't agree on Clem-AY-tis or CLEM-a-tis :)

6 Feb, 2016


I've always said CainomEElees. Google suggests KeeNOMilees.(nearly like Bamboo's) I will try to remember. But we all know which shrub we mean...

6 Feb, 2016


Ah, I was nearly right. I said Kee-nom-el-ees. Close but no cigar.

7 Feb, 2016


Strangely, Chaenomeles is not listed in my little black book (The pronunciation of plant names), but our lecturer at horticultural college told us how to say it. The trouble with these things is, it depends where you live how you pronounce it, and possibly how posh you think you are - I've heard a professional, well known gardener pronounce Choisya as shwoseea for heaven's sake, took me ten minutes to work out what the hell he was talking about...

My mother in law got round the chaenomeles problem by only ever referring to it as Japonica...

7 Feb, 2016


There is a good British website called Howjasay where you can submit any word and a male voice will speak it as it should be said. There, it is pronounced keen-o-may-lees.
But as Stera says, we all know which shrub we mean.

7 Feb, 2016


And that, in the end, is all that counts, Arbuthnot;-))

8 Feb, 2016


Absolutely, Bamboo. I hate it when I can't pronounce words properly though which is why I use the above mentioned website.

9 Feb, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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