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Hi all! Is this Cauliflower ready for harvest? This is my first season.

The last picture is of a recently harvested head, but did I wait too long? It still tasted great!

Thanks so much!

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Yes, its ready. The other pic - perhaps just a little too long, but very well done - not the easiest crop to grow. When the curd starts to grow some people recommend bending the middle leaves over to cover it and keep it clean and white.

6 Feb, 2016


Agree you are not going to get the huge curds they sell in supermarkets... enjoy!

6 Feb, 2016


Very good, Ben, especially for a first try! It should still taste good, but there will be a difference in texture. Next year, apply a little more organic nitrogen and potash--alfalfa meal is a good source--before planting, and harvest at a little earlier stage.

7 Feb, 2016

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