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Iv'e found a few packets of seeds in the garage ( forgot about them ) But the date on the packs is 2 years ago, will they still flower. There are too many varieties to mention ? thanks



No harm in sowing to find out.

7 Feb, 2016


Only way to know is to try them! The garage is likely to be a bad place to store seeds--too hot and humid in the summer--but many seeds are surprisingly durable.

8 Feb, 2016


Give it a try. Perhaps your seeds are as tough as the ones I will mention to you now..... When I was in Uzbeckistan ( couldn't go there now without loosing my head I suppose) I purchased at an outdoor market a carved snuff box made out of a gourd which I still keep as a souvenir. Inside the gourd I could hear its seeds rattling around inside when I shook it. Twenty years later I shook five seeds out of it and planted them.....every one of the seeds germinated!

8 Feb, 2016


There it goes again! The above answer about the gourd seed was posted by me...Loosestrife..I don't know why I have been occasionally cursed with the avatar of Iciar. Hmmmm ..The Curse Of The Avatar Of Iciar"...sounds like the title of a mystery novel:)

8 Feb, 2016


Seeds will remain viable for at least 2 years. From that point, viability rate declines according to species. Onions, leeks, alliums are usually dead after 1 year. I agree with above, try sowing them and see what happens. They will require a lot of nurturing, however, before you realize what you have. You may also discover why you tucked them away in the garage and forgot about them.

8 Feb, 2016


Loosestrife, lots of us (me included) have been Iciar at one time or another -mystery and remedy so far unsolved...

Nellie, if you can still read the instructions just follow them - some will be best sown direct into the ground, others would be better started off in seed trays. If you get a pointed stick and push it through the packet you can stick it in the compost to remind you which is which.

8 Feb, 2016


many seeds remain viable for several years. if they are foil packed then they will probably be fine. excess temperature and high humidity tend to be their down fall.

I did a stint at the millennium seed bank back in 2000 and seed is stored at 5% humidity and 5 degrees Celsius.

nothing to lose in trying is there? I regularly give old seed a chance

8 Feb, 2016


The only old seed I would automatically discard is parsnip seed. I was told many years ago that I would get poor results from previous years seeds. As they take a while to grow and need to be cared for I opted for new seed. I have grown good crops of garden peas from seed more than 10 years old. They were stored in a tin in a cool shed. I always use left over seeds. There are usually far more seeds than one needs in a packet. You can always compost any seedlings which are not up to scratch.

10 Feb, 2016

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