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I'm thinking of planting vitiate coignetiae to cover an ugly fence how many plants will I will need the fence is about 30 ft long also when is the best time to plant them Thankyou
D roberts



One would do it in about 4 years. I wouldn't plant more than 4, if I were in a hurry.

8 Feb, 2016


LOL, this question sounds like one of those crazy algebraic math equations from Junior High-school.

8 Feb, 2016


Is it your fence?

8 Feb, 2016


Good point, Ladyessex! Vitis coignetiae can become quite heavy, and might tear down a weak fence. Also, it is deciduous, and won't give any cover in the winter.

8 Feb, 2016


Agree with Tugbrethil's first answer - and would add, if its your fence, fine, you can grow something up it - if its not your fence, you're obliged by law to erect your own support on your side so that the climber does not affect your neighbour's fence.

8 Feb, 2016

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