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How to grow ha ogen melons in an outdoor container



I would use a big container, at least 50 cm wide and deep, and fill it with a fast draining potting compost. Place the container in a sunny, warm, southern or western exposure, that will get at least 6 hours of direct sun between March and September. Other members can probably speak to specific planting dates, watering schedule, and feeding more accurately than I can. Generally, directions for cantaloupe apply. If bees are scarce, you may have to pollinate the flowers by hand to get fruit.

8 Feb, 2016


Hi, I don't think anywhere in the UK is going to be warm enough for long enough to grow these outside, they need a temperature somewhere between 65 and 95f for around 3 months, a soil temp of 70f, and at least 6 hours of sunshine per day for that period, so I wouldn't recommend trying to grow them even in somerset, sorry, Derek.

8 Feb, 2016


Drat, Derek! I had hopes for a southern exposure, since my info is that they take only a little more than 2 months--less than most melons. Even so, I suppose that Parkdrive would have needed to start them early indoors.

8 Feb, 2016


Hi Tug, most years we're 'lucky' if we get 2 weeks of those sort of temperatures, let alone 2 months, lol, I just don't think it's worth even trying to grow them outside in the UK, I think even in a greenhouse, it would have to be heated, for at least part of the time, Derek.

10 Feb, 2016


Ah, well! Sort of like trying to grow rhubarb, here.
Parkdrive, 'Minnesota Midget' melons might work under those conditions, but they taste the same as standard cantaloupe. I still think that you have a fighting chance of growing the 'Ha Ogen', especially since Derek lives a ways north of you. Your chances are a bit better inland than on the coast, where the ocean makes the nights warmer, but also makes the days cooler.

11 Feb, 2016


I too think you'd be wasting your time trying outdoors. I had a go years ago in a greenhouse using rotting straw bales to provide some heat. Even then, the summer wasn't long enough, results disappointing and a right old
'work up!' (Hampshire)

12 Feb, 2016


I apologize, since I don't know the climate there in the UK, and have obviously never dealt with short, cold summers here in the desert! :)
Thank you, Derek and Vegemight!

12 Feb, 2016


No problem Tugb, Derek.

12 Feb, 2016

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