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Hi, I prepped and turfed my front lawn? late 2014. It seemed to 'take' but I admit to 'scalping it' much too early.
It also suffers from morning shade. The grass looks weak and bare patches soon appeared which I tried to sort out with seed on several occasions to no avail. A ph test seemed about right but I'm not convinced.
I'd like to re-seed this spring before the trees come into leaf. I intend to spike thoroughly and give it a good dose of feed well in advance of seeding and I'd be grateful for advice as to what to use. As I said, I'll aerate and disturb the soil as much as I dare, before seeding with a mix of 'shady' seed and John Innes. Many thanks.
P.S. Our plot is old copseland and the soil has probably incorporated tons of oak leaves over the years.



The oak leaves aren't a problem; they compost down fairly quickly. Go easy on the fertilizer/feed. Too much will burn new seedlings. Ground should be kept barely moist for germination. Too wet will promote fungus and mold. Even "shady" seeds need a fair amount of light.

8 Feb, 2016


Lots of good advice here

A good lawn takes time to establish. When mowing never "scalp"the grass, as you discovered. If you cut off all of the grass blades there will be little left for the grass to use for photosynthesis. Better to use a medium height cut more frequently. Getting a bowling green "velvet" finish can't be achieved immediately - it can take years - and it also depends on the type of grass seed you sow or the quality of turf you use. Choice of seed also depends on the kind of lawn, its intended use and its aspect. A rye grass mix intended for walking and playing on will never respond well to a very short cut. The same applies to lots of turf as some is often predominently rye.

8 Feb, 2016


Also look for shade tolerant species, such as some kinds of turf-type Tall Fescue, or Roughstalk Bluegrass (Poa trivialis)

8 Feb, 2016


I don't think the second is grown in the UK but Google shade tolerant Grass and you'll see plenty.

9 Feb, 2016


Thanks all, I'll take it all on board.
Just one more question.....Because of the trees I'd like to seed as early as poss. What would the minimum average temperature have to be to give it a chance?

12 Feb, 2016


April is the usual recommended time - even it present temps are suitable there is no guarantee that there won't be a sharp frost in March as happened only a couple of years ago. Sowing too early is rarely worth it.

12 Feb, 2016

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