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i lost most of my papaya - pawpaw trees to last autumns' typhoon, planted seeds and many young plants. question-is it possible to sex these young plants as i only require a few males, my last planting ended about 50/50%, any ideas. thanks in advance, alun



The information that I was able to find indicate that it would require sending tissue samples to a well-equipped botany lab, for chromosome counts, or a plant genetics lab for identification of sex alleles. If you think it worth the trouble, you might want to check with a university, since they may want to make it an excercise for their advanced agriculture or botany students.

10 Feb, 2016


thanks for info, i'm not a commercial grower, only growing for fun and family, seems' too complicated for a few plants, cheers, alun

10 Feb, 2016


A lot of hooraw for a backyard grove, it's true! :)
Since papayas can be short-lived, you might want to remove some of the males as soon as you know what they are, and replace them with new seedlings. That way you have 25% males, instead of 50%. Sometimes you get lucky, and get a tree with both male and female flowers.

11 Feb, 2016


thanks, good idea, didn't know had male/female trees, cheers

11 Feb, 2016

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