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I purchased three beautiful large bulbs of amaryllis and they have flowered beautifully. The variety is Green Goddess. Now they are all but finished flowering I am wondering if anyone here has successfully succeded in getting them to flower again the following year - and if they had could they pass on any tips?
Picture enclosed and thank you and best wishes to all.




Balcony is our expert on this and has written several detailed and helpful blogs telling you just what to do.
Look at the one on 22nd June last year.
(Type Balcony Profile into the search bar top right. Click Blogs and scroll down those that appear until you see it. )

9 Feb, 2016


spritzhenry also wrote a blog about overwintering them about 4 years ago. also worth searching for.

but yes you can keep them going. keep them watered and in the warmer weather they are happy to go outside. towards august reduce the watering and let the foliage dye back. repot in late September into a similar sized pot. begin watering November and you should get a spike.

I tend to keep mine in leaf all year in the conservatory and I find mine flower in May.

10 Feb, 2016

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