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Is it possible to keep crocus bulbs in a freezer for a few months without damaging them? I need to keep them pending a lawn relay in April.



I'm not sure , my instinct is no because freezing breaks down cell walls and causes food to go mushy

I'd pot them up and allow them to dieback naturally, keep an eye on them so they don't rot off then replant when you can

10 Feb, 2016


I dk about freezing them but plant them in 6" pots and plant them when you are ready. Probably once the lawn is established.

10 Feb, 2016


Are these bulbs already in the ground and you will be digging them up? If they are in the lawn that is being relaid then by April the foliage may have died down so leave them in situ ,they will pop up through the new lawn next year. Most turf relays involve the existing grass almost shaved off the surface therefore still leaving the bulbs untouched.

10 Feb, 2016


Freezer, NO, it will kill them. If they are beneath an existing lawn then do as Barbarak suggests. If they are in a border then try and leave them until the end of April time when they will mostly have died down. Then lift them, allow to dry off in the air, brush off loose soil and store in a paper bag in the FRIDGE. You can then replant them any time you wish and there is no need to wait until crocus etc appear in the garden centre.

10 Feb, 2016


they survive in the frozen ground but there is some protection from the surrounding soil and they wont really be at -15 which is the typical freezer temperature. So I wouldn't risk them in the freezer either.
surely they are growing by now so any disturbance wont do them any favours. if you have to lift them repot and allow to die back naturally then plant them then.

10 Feb, 2016


Definitely not in the freezer! Follow the advice given above...

10 Feb, 2016

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