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Canker_ pretty sure this is what my poor damson tree has,and it may explain why its never done much.Its only about seven years old. (weeping splits in the bark in several places) Please can someone tell me whether I need to dig out the whole root run before replanting, and if I put another tree there, eg a crab perhaps, would that be in danger of being infected?
So frustrating as its underplanted with naturalised crocus and cyclamen, so will have to wait a while before removing the tree.



Hi Stera photo would be useful to confirm...

11 Feb, 2016


Having a bit of trouble downloading from camera to computer at present but will give it a go. Pretty sure that's what it is though unfortunately.

11 Feb, 2016



11 Feb, 2016


My camera packed up altogether. i have just bought a new one and haven't got my head round it yet - I think it would be best to start a new question when I've sussed it!
The problem will wait for me...

23 Feb, 2016


New camera, haven't sussed it yet but managed a couple of good pics - new question today.

26 Feb, 2016

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