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Ferraria crispa 'Starfish Lily'

Has anyone grown this before any tips would be useful , and if growing in a pot whats the best compost ?

thank you




I have one growing now, and hoping it flowers this year. It didn't flower last year and it seems to be a little arbitrary about growing - one grew and another didn't; but I dug down and saw it is still firm and healthy looking. It is winter growing, with a dry summer and likes well drained soil, so I mixed orchid soil with regular and grit.

14 Feb, 2016


Thanks Wylie

I always try and grow something every year I havnt grown before and this looks a good choice, plus side I can grow in a pot.

"little arbitrary" I had this with Arum nothing for 12 months then up it came...


14 Feb, 2016


Not fully hardy in the UK so you will need to protect from cold, wet too probably.

15 Feb, 2016


I agree - if I am growing it, it needs to be protected from near freezing temps. The RHS site did say they will grow near the coast in a H3 zone. It will also need to be protected from most of the summer rain. July and August are fairly dry for me, so I can get away with it being outside. Look at the Pacific Bulb Society site for a little more info.

15 Feb, 2016

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