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Hi everyone, not been on for awhile, but still enjoying my little patch.
for what ever reason, I seem to have more than my share of WEEVIL grubs.......##!!** mutter! despite me spraying last season.

my queiry is why do the fertilizer people make their slow release fertilizer look like weevil eggs?



Instead of depending on answers fabricated upon conjecture, why don't you direct your question to the people who make their fertilizer look like weevil eggs? If and when you do get an answer please post it since it seems to me that you will be getting quite an enlightening responce.

14 Feb, 2016


Sorry to disagree, but slow release fertiliser does not look like weevil eggs. Vine weevil eggs are so small you need a magnifying glass to see them before they hatch. Mollusc eggs are clear until just before hatching and cloudy white when about to pop.
Very few other soil living creatures have eggs big enough to see with the naked eye, least ways in Britain. Nor do I know of any with eggs the same size or colour as the slow release fertiliser capsules and I have looked.
The slow release capsules I use are, in any case, either bright green or blue.

15 Feb, 2016


thank you for your comments, I don't know why I thought the little yellow balls were weevils,perhaps someone told me they were I don't know, but now I stand corrected lol!

15 Feb, 2016


Fret not, it used to be the most frequently asked question on any gardening website.
Quote "I found these little yellow 'eggs' in my bought plant. Should I take it back and complain as it is full of pests eggs?"
Oh happy days.

15 Feb, 2016


doh! live and!

16 Feb, 2016

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