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By Winky67

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Is it to early to cut my lawn? As the climate is changing would I damage my lawn?



My grass is growing too, I haven't really stopped mowing this season. As long as it's not frosted or soggy, it should be fine. Set the mower a bit higher than usual, though.

15 Feb, 2016


Hi Winky and welcome to GoY whereabouts are you in the UK it makes a difference as to how we answer your questions.

15 Feb, 2016


Unless you have a golf course or football field to maintain let it grow to develope a good root system and grass blade density as well as to get some energy after coming right out of dormancy. What you did not mention is at the present time, how tall is the grass? This is still February and the rate of growth is minimal.

15 Feb, 2016


Thanks everyone . I live in Birmingham.

15 Feb, 2016


Winky, its fine to cut it in the winter in the UK, even in Birmingham - I used to be out most years in January cutting grass, in the weather window we often got between around the 5th and 10th, though it varied.

However, its now very cold, so its probably best to wait for the weather to ease back a bit - don't cut while the ground is frozen (which it isn't currently, even though its cold), or there's frost on the grass, or its waterlogged.

15 Feb, 2016


Cutting the grass now would not damage the lawn at all. I could understand you wanting a tidy appearance. I checked your weather forecast, except for a few rainy days 17th, 18th & 20th, you are good. Go ahead, cut the grass.

15 Feb, 2016

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