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what am I doing wrong?

I have as now entered a question 3 times about a little plant hoping someone could put a name to it.
I have also enclosed a picture aswell. BUT! where have the posts gone??
after writing the question I am clicking on "ask your question" button, but after that nothing, no confirmation that the post has been!



That is very strange indeed. Send an email to administrator

16 Feb, 2016


will do, thanks!

16 Feb, 2016


Well it sounds as though you are doing it correctly, persevere and try again, I have had a search and cannot find said question, now this is going to sound daft but it does happen at times, we have a little gremlin name of Iciar, for some unknown reason some of us appear as Iciar at times, when said gremlin is about some of my comments disappear into the wide blue yonder never to be seen again, it has happened to others as well, been going on for a number of years now and no-one has an answer as to why...Iciar has been visiting in the last week and yes I too have had to repost some of my comments......

16 Feb, 2016


One of my blogs completely vanished! I bet "Iciar" took that too. It was a good one.

16 Feb, 2016


Yep I've had that happen Paul and doesn't it make you swear, I noticed last week L'strife had to point out that it was him and not Iciar, when I spot that babe I go back to check out that my own comments have stayed put, I hate to think people might wonder why I have ignored them....
After all these years that babe will have changed a lot, lol.......

16 Feb, 2016


Right! I'm going to try again to post my little question.

I am enclosing a picture of a little rock/alpine plant that we bought from Osbourne House
(Queen Victorias favourite house on the Isle of Weight)

Wev'e had the little plant for about 3 years, and in truth it has not prospered, it is not a happy plant.

The plant is in shallow east facing sheltered window box.
approx 100mm deep using a general compost/gravel mix.

Doh! Iv'e just realised there's no browse button on this page...aarrrgh! so how can i post my piccy now?

16 Feb, 2016


Ah!!! now you need Bulba or Bjs, both grow a lot of them, our experts for queries pertaining to alpines and always willing to help, no offence to anyone else those two came to mind first.....

16 Feb, 2016


Bingo! I think iv'e rumbled why my picture post is not happening, the piccy iv'e been trying to load is 5.4 mb.....obviously way too big. I will have to sort it it and post again.

16 Feb, 2016


Good idea Dennis, you are the second member to have problems today with pics that are too big...

16 Feb, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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