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I'm in the process of selecting new plants for my newly re lined pond.
I am looking for suggestions for
Marginal plants
Floating plants
I have attached a drawing of my pond to give an idea of the size.
Thank you for any ideas you may have

Image Image



I will put you together a list of the plants that I have in my pond as it is of a similar size (just a different shape) and then get back to you shortly.

17 Feb, 2016



Elodea crispa. ( two to three bunches dropped in the pond, mine has taken over the pond bottom)

Marginal Plants;

Caltha Palustris Alba (white marsh marigold)
Caltha Palustris (yellow marsh marigold)
MYOSOTIS SCORPIOIDES ( Water Forget me not)
OENANTHE JAVANICA FLAMINGO (great for surface cover)
Carex Elata Aurea Bowles Golden
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough' (arum lily)
Pendulus Sedge (grassy spreading plant)

Deep water plants;

because of your ponds size and fountain I haven't put down any waterlilies as depending on the amount of splashing and surface movement they may not get on too well. Hoewever I also have the two plants suggested below and they are very good too.
Nymphoides peltata

Waterlilies (optional);

Nymphaea attraction
Nymphaea Wanvisa
Nymphaea alba
Nymphaea Marlicea Carnea

Floating Plants;

most floating plants are seasonal and are annuals.

Water Hyacninth (Eichhornia crassipes)


water lettuce (Pistia)

I hope this list/few suggestions help these are all of the plants that I Have in both of my ponds and the fish and wildlife all get on well with them :)

17 Feb, 2016


Do you want something unique, fun, fascinating and beneficial? Look at the Sarracenia (Pitcher Plants).

Here is a link with some pretty varieties and info.

17 Feb, 2016


Thanks to both of you

18 Feb, 2016


More than welcome :)

18 Feb, 2016


Hi Marjorie

Looks great already

If you dont mind can I ask if anything fell in in like a hedgehog can it climb out easily if not maybe a thick branch at one end which would help and at the same time look attractive.


18 Feb, 2016


We have had this pond for many years now but we have never had any mishaps except when I stepped backwards
and fell in !!!
Unfortunately we have not had any hedgehogs in the garden but if a hedgehog did fall in there are shallow ledges around the pond. Can hedgehogs swim?

We have just relined it recently so I am in the process of restocking the pond.

20 Feb, 2016



thanks for getting back to me , yes they are good swimmers and a low shelf is ideal for them to climb out , lots of people just dont realise what falls in sometimes is not able to get back out.

A good plant to have and not invasive is:

Typha laxmanii
(Golden bulrush)


Typha minima
(Dwarf bulrush/ reedmace)

have a google to see what they look like but I think look great.


20 Feb, 2016


Thank you for your suggestions I will look on google

20 Feb, 2016

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