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I have something digging up my back garden no one seems to know what it is




Lot of things dig up grass, Badgers, pheasants, foxes. Depending on the size of the pieces removed (no scale measurement on the image) it could well be rooks looking for chafer grubs or the other nasty found in grass (name escapes me for the moment). Blackbirds too can dig up grass looking for grubs.

17 Feb, 2016


The picture's so blurry its impossible to tell whether that's a plant or the edge of a lawn that's been scuffed up. Leatherjackets could be the problem if its the lawn.

17 Feb, 2016


Was this photo taken through the window? If that is the case this is what the camera has focussed on, not the grass. You need to take another photo, preferably from outside and make sure the focus is on the damage.

17 Feb, 2016


Just out of interest, what are the little red things?

17 Feb, 2016


if the red things are tulip petals then I suspect something biggish, badger or even rabbits can do this.

But a flock of starlings hunting for leatherjacket grubs can also leave a mess like this.

did the damage just happen in one night or a series of nights ? or was it during the day. [day suggests birds/squirells ] [night suggests badgers /fox / rabbits /deer].

18 Feb, 2016

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