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Korean beauty clematis. I Have been searching the Internet to check what pruning group this late flowering clematis belongs. I have conflicting advice between group 1 and 3. I grew it from seed but don't have the seed packet any longer. Can anybody help? Thank you.



Hmm, lots of conflicting information on the web - this one seems to be a strain from tangutica rather than serratifolia, despite being listed in many places as serratifolia, and as such, it doesn't need any pruning if you have room, but if you do want to prune, do it in late winter/early spring. Probably the conflicting information is because it actually doesn't really need pruning, but you can if you want to - prune group 3 ones should be pruned every year, so that's probably why its not listed as prune group 3, but as 'tangutica' pruning regime...

18 Feb, 2016

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