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I have had my sago palm for 2 years. I bring it in each winter. This Christmas it grew a stem from the middle, any ideas please. I have added some more photos as requested.

P1030394 P1030395 P1030396



The pic's taken from too far away to see detail of that stem, but possibly its going to produce a flower - the only thing is, the 'flowers' are actually cone shaped and usually occur much nearer the foliage rather than on a long stem, and the shrub has to be pretty mature to flower at all - your's doesn't look that old. Maybe you should post another picture showing a close up of the stem itself...

18 Feb, 2016


It looks like a new leaf to me, badly stretched due to lack of light. It doesn't happen often in the winter, but if the house is warm, it's possible. I would just cut it off, and find a cooler room to keep it. It should sprout out normally at the proper time.

20 Feb, 2016

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