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By Honeys

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

last year my penstemons made a lot of bushy, floppy foliage and not many flowers. The soil is not over rich. Should I get rid and replace ?



Get rid of the plants or the soil? Sounds as though you might have an imbalance with more nitrogen than potassium. Try giving them a dressing of sulphate of potash and lay off the nitrogen for a while.
You can cut the plants back quite hard if you haven't already done so - leave some buds near the base though.
Then if they appear to be responding a bit you could water them every few weeks with tomato fertiliser later on in the season.

19 Feb, 2016


Hi, I agree with Steragram, Derek.

19 Feb, 2016


Also check the sun exposure. Most kinds of penstemon need at least 6 hours of direct sun a day--at least on the days that the sun shines :)

20 Feb, 2016


I agree, I bet not in a sunny spot and its too shaded.

How long as the plant been in for, as if only new it would make a lot of new growth

20 Feb, 2016

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