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Does anyone have any experience of using Richmoor compost



Nope, sorry, never heard of it - just had a look at Greentech on line, who make this product, and am unable to find an NPK readout for this multi purpose compost - but given they say it can be used for seeds AND potting up, I'd imagine it must be very low indeed, or non existent, otherwise it'd burn the seedlings. Which means, for semi mature and mature plants, you'd need to add fertilizer... might be worth asking the makers what the NPK is before buying, for comparison purposes.

20 Feb, 2016


Like Bamboo, I've not heard of Richmoor compost and always buy seed and cuttings compost and then separate multi-purpose for potting on and baskets (adding slow release fertiliser). Have tried many of the common brands but have found B&Q's Verve composts to be some of the best. Some seem to contain little better than greenhouse floor sweepings!

22 Feb, 2016

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