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By Ladykay

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone had much luck with berkheya purpurea? I'm looking at seeds to grow for this summer and this is a plant I've often considered but never tried.

On plant Berkheya purpurea



Unless the seed comes from S.Africa, it is likely to be infertile. Our plants produce a lot of it, as you would expect from a thistle, but none of it germinates. Nice plant,if a bit painful to remove the dead top growth. Better to buy a plant than seeds I think.

19 Feb, 2016


Oh ok, I was going to buy seed from Thompson and Morgan so would have thought it would be alright. Sarah Raven sells it too. I might have a go as the plants are £9 and I'd like a few! :-) Thanks for replying.

19 Feb, 2016


I grew it for a couple of years (the seeds came from T&M). The big drawback was it is extremely prickly and impossible to work around. Germination of the seeds wasn't difficult.

19 Feb, 2016


Oh I see, that's interesting. I'd have to give a lots of thought to positioning it I suppose, a sunny patch all to itself. . Thank you for that information.

20 Feb, 2016

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