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Can I dig up my cordalines and replant them



Cordyline, how long have they been growing in the same spot and how big are they .... this will help answer your question.


20 Feb, 2016


Agree with previous answer - depends how long they've been growing where they are now. Less than three years, a good chance of a successful move, if you're careful to break as few roots as possible and keep a good rootball.

20 Feb, 2016


On the same subject, mine has been in an urn for several years (moved from a sunny garden to this, a partially sunny one) and really needs to be put in the ground. I don't know where, what aspect, or even how big it might grow. It's a dark red one with fairly narrow leaves. Can anyone advise please?

20 Feb, 2016


They do like sun, but will grow in partial shade - just pick somewhere that's not too windy/exposed and allows for an eventual height of up to around 13 feet (although you can 'pollard' them to keep them smaller, if it grows well)

20 Feb, 2016


Thank you for the answers. Not sure I have the right place here so it will need plenty of thought.

21 Feb, 2016

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