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I need some good ideas to stop cars driving in and reversing in our driveway also some park there I've tried putting 2 biggish rose pot plants there but the cars knock them over and drive off we have managed to catch one person doing it. It is a rented ground floor flat and that drive way belongs to us, so please and ideas. Thank you




there's only one way - fit gates. We have a similar situation here, in a private block of flats with a driveway and car park at the front, and the committee that runs the place always gets in a strop about vehicles reversing into the driveway and out again, so they're constantly putting plants in pots in the way - but, as you say, they just get mowed down within a few months. So far, they've replaced the pots and plants 8 or 9 times in 4 years - even the heavy concrete pots got broken. As for stopping people parking, they've now introduced permit only parking, paying a company to come round and check and give out fines. They did this because the owners of the flats here refused to pay for gates.

21 Feb, 2016


Boulders, b.... great big ones! Or, cheaper than gates, hinged posts that you you can lay down to drive over them.

21 Feb, 2016


Hinged, lockable posts. I had exactly the same problem years ago, with people parking on my drive without a thought, and they did the trick very nicely.

21 Feb, 2016


If the drive belongs to your landlord you might ask him if he could help - after all if the paving gets damaged he will have to be the one to repair it, which might encourage him to do something.Otherwise if you don't use the drive for parking yourselves I think the boulders are a good idea - nice big ones that are too heavy to shift easily.

21 Feb, 2016


To me this sounds like a loosing proposition. Honestly, there not much you can do. I would just move.

23 Feb, 2016


Thanks for the ideas everyone.

23 Feb, 2016

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