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Is there any netting support system that is tough enough to stop badgers 1)trampling it down and eating all my strawberries 2) lifting the edges and pulling down all my raspberry canes and eatinf all the fruits as well as destroying next years growth.



Hi Cookist and welcome to GoY. The short, and probably the long answer is 'no' netting is no going to deter a badger and remember they are protected animals (unless they are being 'officially' culled). There is very little you can do if you get badgers in your garden so far as I am aware, hopefully others will have better advice!

21 Feb, 2016


I agree - they are a law to themselves! You could use metal wire and poles but they would probably still make holes, they are very strong. I have a metal fruitcage with prawn netting - and our local badger has just ripped through it. He or she also decimated my last sweetcorn crop.
I then discovered my neighbours were feeding the badgers!
We now just mend the netting just before flowering to protect the fruit from the birds, and let the badger do what it wants! It hasn't eaten any fruit plants tho' - just furtles around digging up grubs etc.

22 Feb, 2016


We hung rags soaked in Jeyes Fluid where they were coming in under the wire netting fence. It stopped them until the scent wore off. Actually all they did was to go along the fence a ways and dug under elsewhere.

22 Feb, 2016


They are a pain - they dig up flower bulbs too.

22 Feb, 2016


Thanks everyone, it is just as I feared, ( used to be a biologist). I have now resorted to dosing their paths with buckets of saved urine. At the least the extra nitrogen will aid plant regrowth!

3 Mar, 2016


Good luck!

3 Mar, 2016

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