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Thank you all so much for the valuable advice. I'm going to be busy planting camelias and fruit trees into ground from pots. When should I do it do you think? Is it too late to move fruit trees now - should i wait until autumn?



As long as the ground is not frozen or waterlogged it will be fine. Better out than in - as they say!
Make sure you give the fruit trees good soil - if necessary dig in some garden compost and/or rotted manure into the planting holes. A scattering of bonemeal and potash will help them get away to a good start. If you are in an exposed spot put stakes in for them too.
The Camellias may benefit from some ericaceous compost added when they are planted.
I always dig the hole and loosen the soil below, then I fill the hole with water and let it almost drain away before adding the plant then backfill the hole and firm well, then water again from above. When it has drained away, I would mulch the surface to stop the weeds, retain the moisture and protect the roots.

22 Feb, 2016


Be sure to site the camellias where they will not be in early morning sun as a quick thaw after a frosty night damages the flower buds. And there will be the occasional frost even where you are!

22 Feb, 2016

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