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question about planting peonies in pots

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a question about planting peonies in pots
hi all, hope you all wintered well and every thing is nice and healthy
i have selected a large enough pot and got the soil ready, having watched a few vids on you tube there seems to be some contradiction,
both of my peonies have eyes ( shoots ) long pink things coming off them, 1 vid says to leave the shoot above soil another says to bury it under 2 inches of soil, does anyone have a definitive way of planting peonies please, as i dont want to mess up. all help is graciously received,
my peonies are the variety Sarah Bernhardt - Herbaceous Peony

On plant Sarah Bernhardt - Herbaceous Peony



I would plant them with the eyes just below the surface. Also make sure the compost has added loam so its not too 'light'. They don't like drying out either so try and site them so they get plenty of light but don't get dried out by the wind.

23 Feb, 2016


Hi, I wouldn't recommend growing paeonia in pots as the tubers get fairly large, and multiply quite quickly, and they're not very keen on root disturbance either, they would be much better off planted in the ground, with the tops of the tubers just visible once the ground has settled, don't forget that they can live undisturbed for 70 - 100 years, so no matter how large you container might be, it is eventually going to become too small, however if you have no alternative than to grow them in pots, don't cover the red shoots, the same planting rules apply, but keep them well watered, Derek.

23 Feb, 2016


I'm with Derek - they are better off in the ground. The buds should be above soil level - if you bury them, they are less likely to flower.

23 Feb, 2016


thanks so much for the advise hoya, derek and andrew, im just a bit worried about doing it worng, but i have planted them, and will post some pictures if anything happens,

fingers crossed


24 Feb, 2016

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