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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I grew cucamelon lasr year and left them to die in the pots, whem I went to empty and wash the pots today in the compost are all like bulbous tubers asIbought the plants I have no idea of therooting sysyem will they grow again?



Personally I doubt it

3 Mar, 2016


I agree. It should make good compost. I would start with new.

3 Mar, 2016


Hi Tercol - according to James Wong, who first introduced me to these little gems, 'As the vines mature, they begin to produce a swollen, radish-like root, which can be lifted in late autumn and stored in barely moist compost in a cool garage or shed to over-winter'.

See James Wong's book Homegrown Revolution for how to get them going again in the Spring. Good Luck

5 Mar, 2016


That's interesting. Honestly I've never tried Cucamelons. I haven't even heard of them.

5 Mar, 2016


I kept the tubers from mine Tercol as on the planting instructions I read that you treat them the same as Dahlias. You've reminded me that it's probably time to repot.

5 Mar, 2016

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