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Can any one please tell me the name of this tree on the far left of this picture the leaves are like a Rowen tree but bares no berries but has large thorns on its branches.




Robinia pseudoacacia is a complete guess. But they do have compound leaves and thorns.

3 Mar, 2016


If the spines are in little groups of three It might be the Honey Locust, Gleditsia tricanthos.. that was the only one in my book with that shaped leaf and spines.

3 Mar, 2016


Some types of honey locus do not have thorns or seed pods. It does look like a honey locus. It's leaves turn yellow in the fall.

3 Mar, 2016


Thank you Owdboggy yes its that one is this a rare tree

5 Mar, 2016


Less common than it used to be - apparently it was found at one time to be suitable for making the pegs for joining the wooden planks for shipbuilding, so began to be planted but by the time the trees had got mature enough to use iron ships were being built...(Just looked that up - its amazing what you come across by accident isn't it?)

6 Mar, 2016


Thank you Steragram yes it is amazing what ancient history comes up with.

According to the church next door who lie through their teeth including the vicar its a rare protected black Elder which is protected they claim of all the trees yet have already cut one of these down plus a lovely pink bloosom because it inconvienced them with leaves falling on the steps to their church they cut another down tree down last week in the centre of the grass to build a car park along my fence but wont cut back the tree s that over hang my garden where I get all the leaves thousands of helicopter seeds thorns falling on me and my garden with pigeon muck which prevents me going up my garden in my wheel chair I dont want to carry bird muck into my home on my wheels. I knew it was nt black Elder hence my questions thanks again to every one.

6 Mar, 2016


If the tree has a T.P.O. (Tree Presevation Order) then permission is needed from the local authority before any tree work can be started.
If no T.P.O. is in place any branch that overhangs your property can be removed BUT only the part of the branch that overhangs your property and then those removed trimmings still belong to the tree's owner as would be any fruit that may drop into your garden from over the fence. The fallen leaves in Autumn and any bird poop, you get to keep.

10 Mar, 2016

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